Hi, my name’s Barbara Lyons and I offer real help with a range of life’s difficulties through high quality trauma informed psychotherapy based on 20 years of  working with people in distress.

Are you struggling to keep a sense of normality? Having difficulty managing feelings of anxiety, depression, numbness or guilt and shame? Are you trying to cope after a traumatic event or historical trauma? Is life just seeming too difficult right now and you’re not even sure why?

Are you reaching for alcohol, drugs, food, sex to cope with how you feel? Perhaps you’re behaving in ways you’re unhappy with and are thinking about how you might go about changing.

Navigating the complexities of modern life can cause feelings of overwhelm, fear, loneliness, anxiety and depression. Counselling can really help people get to the bottom of what’s causing this, provide clarity and insight, and help you to find better ways to cope,  to recover and to move forward.

This is a LGBTQ+ welcoming and safe space.

Email Barbara at info@shadowplaycounselling.co.uk to arrange a free 30 minute telephone consultation.